Dongni WEI

a holder of the UK Global Talent Visa for children’s book authorship and illustration, is an award-winning artist, recognized for her outstanding contributions to children’s literature. A four-time monograph published, she earned her MA in Children’s Book Illustration from the prestigious Cambridge School of Art in 2019.

In addition to her achievements in book authorship and illustration, Dongni is a dedicated art educator, engaging both children and adults. She has successfully conducted online and offline art classes and workshops in both China and the UK.

Dongni's remarkable picture book, "The Forest Dress-up Competition," earned her the Potential Work award at the 1st Sunflower Picture Book Award in 2016. Her illustration, "A Bug Hunt," was selected for "The Children-Spectators" exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2021. The series "Somewhere" received longlisting recognition at the World Illustration Awards in 2020. "Mr Moon" achieved the Merit Award at the Hiii Illustration International Competition in 2019 and was shortlisted for the Key Colours Reward in the same year. Her artworks were recommended by the AOI and the Bookseller at Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2019.

Dongni's visual voice is characterized by bold and vibrant colors, employing mixed media to convey her artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from her daily life, global travels, cherished relationships, and diverse cultures, she continues to make a significant impact in the world of illustration and storytelling.

- Shortlisted by VOF Art Awards 2023, Hangzhou, China

- One of the winners (36 illustrators from 20 countries and regions) of “The Children- Spectators” exhibition at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2021, Bologna, Italy 

- Longlisted of the World Illustration Awards 2020, the UK
- Merit Award of Hiii Illustration International Competition 2019, China

- Shortlisted of the Key Colours Reward 2019, China and Belgium

- Finalisted of the 2nd Sunflower Picture Book Award, Daylight Publishing House, China

- Finalisted of ‘Hiii Illustration’ International Illustration Competition, China 

- The Potential Work of 1stSunflower Picture Book Award, Daylight Publishing House, China

-“Confession” group exhibition, HUI space, Beijing, China

Participated in Yachang Auction for COVID-19, China

- Mr Moon has been selected and published on the Ruskin Art Publication, UK

- Solo Exhibition at China Forum, Cambridge, the UK

- Inspired to Innovate the AOI Membership Exhibition, London, the UK

- Ananas’ Showcase, the Beijing International Book Fair, Beijing, China

- IrisWorldwide Showcase, London, the UK

- 4th Hiii Illustration International Award Exhibition, Nanjing, China  
- The Bookseller/ Association of Illustration showcase at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy  

- The graduate project was reported by the Cambridge Independent (newspaper), Cambridge, the      UK


- Live drawing of Kun Opera in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge,     Cambridge, the UK 

- The Archive and the Contest Landscape Exhibition, Creative Cambridge Festival, Cambridge, the      UK

- The Ananas Illustration Exhibition in Beijing International Book Fair, Beijing, China

- The Yellow Brick Road Charity Exhibition, Cambridge, the UK

- Chinese monsters in the eyes of global artists, reported by China Daily

- Monsters in The Forbidden CityTalk at Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna, Italy

- Event organized partner, Ananas Illustration (Beijing) Culture and Media Co., Ltd, Bologna                Children’s BookFair, Bologna, Italy

- “Echo” was selected by Contemporary Cambridge, published by Ruskin Art Publication,   Cambridge, the UK


- The Ananas Illustration Exhibition in Beijing International Book Fair, Beijing, China

- The Exhibition of Illustration and Contemporary Life III, Beijing, China   

-The 2ndGWF-TIMES Portrait Exhibition, Beijing, China


- The Exhibition of Illustration and Contemporary Life II, Beijing, China                

- The Exhibition of Illustration and Contemporary Life I, Beijing, China                         

- The Barbie Illustrations Show and Annual Meeting of innovation park, Beijing Institute and Fashion   Technology, Beijing, China  

- "Zen" culture design projects of SEVEN's Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Conservation      Fund, Beijing, China

Instagram: @dongni_wei
Wechat: katherina_nn
Facebook: Dongni Wei

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